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Jim Lafargue, Manager of the Newark Eagles

After competing in two other play-by-mail APBA Baseball Leagues, and a face-to-face league I organized at Roxbury Latin School in Boston, I started the TCBA in 1975. I played in the TCBA/NL through 1977 and switched to the AL (now TCBA Today) when I relocated in 1978. I was president of the entire TCBA from its inception until 1985, and have served on the rules committee since then. Presently, I create and edit the TCBA Today and TCBA Yesterday web site.

Since shortly after completing my education at Columbia University (1973) and Boston College Law School (1977), I have served as a Senior Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey. My job involves prosecuting physician misconduct before the State Board of Medical Examiners, and also prosecuting consumer fraud committed on the internet.

I live in Denville, New Jersey, and am happily married to Ellen Pfeffer Lafargue, a wonderful wife, and the assistant director of audiology at the League for the Hard of Hearing. I have two bright, funny and loving teenage sons, Josh and Matt, and a daughter, Hannah, born October 1997. Baseball has been my lifelong passion. I play softball in the summer and follow major and minor league baseball 12 months a year, wherever there is news of the sport or a computer baseball simulation running. Having grown up and gone to school in Massachusetts, my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. I carry on (as will my descendants, I'm afraid) my father's vigilant wait for the first Red Sox championship since the infamous Babe Ruth trade.

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